Hello world!

I’m a baby boomer transplanted from So Cal to Massachusetts.  I lived for the last 16 years by the beach in a little town called Hull, south of Boston.  I really, really liked it there.  Commuting with neighbors on a harbor ferry into the city, returning home in the afternoon with the beach off the bow (and the bar at the stern….)

We have 4 kids, but #1 has grown and left the nest.  He lives in Boston where he is finishing college.  I miss him a lot.  Two years ago my hubby decided we needed to pack up the fam and move.  So we’re in the country now; a town about an hour NW of Boston.  I call it Mayberry.  We live in the center of this “one light” village.  Downtown.  Where the action is.  The next door neighbor has chickens and horses.  We’re in a big old drafty house.  Really big.  Fortunatly,  also big enough.  I have this friend…someone I met when our daughters became friends.  The girls were more than friends, really.  They are almost conjoined twins.  The family moved far away.  Rather than seperate the (almost conjoined) girls, they trusted us to keep her for her senior year of high school.  So it’s back to 4 kids under our roof, with the occasional visit from #1 son.  Plus the dogs, the cat, and Picasso (a turtle foundling that came with the new daughter).

I think that would be enough to keep me busy.  Some days, I wish that was all I had to deal with.  I also work full time as a labor & delivery nurse in the city.  I also like to putter and call it gardening.  It’s really more like tilling, planting and neglecting (fortunatly we have lots of options out here for locally grown/raised foods).  I’m a great starter of hobbies.  Mostly, I like canning.  And dehydrating.  And cooking.  And baking.  And knitting (or at least starting to knit things).  And sewing.  And pysanky.  I really like pysanky.  I also have a few other hobbies that I’ve started and sort of neglected to finish.  Including writing a journal.  I started one about 15 years ago, and meant to keep up with it on a regular basis.  For the kids, I said.  So that they would have a record of all those funny moments, those crazy stories that you think you’ll never forget.  I’d write a page or two and put it away.  Then, I’d find it again a couple of years later.  Finally, I found it again when we moved.  There were maybe 15 pages filled in.  Pathetic!  My babies have no record of their childhood.  I started writing this blog in April 2012, with the intention of recording what’s left of their childhood.  Unfortunatly, they were horrified when they realized that their stories were on the net.  I’m going to continue this writing thing, and try not to damage the kids too much in the process.  I may never finish everything, but I’ll show some stick-to-it-ness here!  Maybe, someday, I’ll even finish those baby booties too.  ;-)

5 thoughts on “Home

    • Thank you very much! My younger kids would agree with the term “bug”, as they see it as an illness, I’m afraid. My oldest, who is living on his own, has a great appreciation for all the canned goods. He had his wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago and went through several cans of chili while he recuperated. Thanks for contacting me as I’ve now been introduced to your site ” http://welcomebackbelly.wordpress.com/ “. Your recipes look amazing- I’m going to pur some coffee and have a nice visit there! ;-)

      • Haha, they will still be thankful I’m sure for all of the delicious food you make for them :) I hope you enjoy looking looking through my blog as much as I enjoyed looking through yours!

  1. I could relate. They both look nice. You know it’s really funny, when you live in the city get tired of it after a while. Then you fine yourself wanting the the country. Well I too like them both. I thought how nice it would be to have a home in the big city and a home in the country, Maybe the fist part of the year I would live in the city and the second part of the year I would live in the country, that would work but Unfortunatly I can’t afford both. So then what?? Well I have been here in my small city (Roswell,NM) for quite some time and it’s getting to me and I want to go to a big place. Where everything is just not too far. To go to a big place for me is 3 hrs in any direction. Thats nice sometimes but then you get tired of seeing the same weeds or bush, Yeah it could be pretty depending which way you look at it, but in reality it’s still a bush and a weed. (Unless your going through the mountains,then thats worth it). So I’m ready to make the move to the big city, but then not sure if i want to leave behind the solitude of the small place. But you wanna hear something even funnier? I was speaking to this woman who has lived here longer than I have and she had just moved out into the country and she loves it. She said her and her family would never move back into the city. Now she lives about 20 miles outside of Roswell and says it’s worth it. So I guess I come to the conclusion of “Whatever floats your boat” Cause this place is not big, but to a person who lives outside the surrounding areas ITS BIG. So from the looks of your photos they both look nice.

    • I really like the beach, and I miss it. I don’t miss the crowding, though. We had 11,000 people living on 2 sq miles. Now we have 10,000 people in 30 sq miles. And it’s not really “country” either. I’d kind of like to move myself. I’d like someplace where the winters weren’t quite so cold, but I couldn’t take the uber-hot summers either. My brother just moved to AZ. It was 110 last week and his AC died. That’s just a little too much like Hell to me! When I get itchy feet now I take a road trip. I have one coming up too- to North Carolina! I love it there. Maybe…some day!

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