And Maybe it’s Time to Take Down Those Lights

Yes, we still have those lights up.  And the garlands.  And those 2012
I’m just not ready to say goodbye. Or, maybe, we’re not ready to head out into the arctic tundra and take it all down.  Yeah, maybe that’s it.

Well, it’s time to put Christmas to bed.  It’s my favorite time of the year, but it’s really over.  I never did write about our big day.  We have the outlaws (aka Grumpy’s side of the family- mine is spread out so far we don’t get to see each other) over on Christmas Eve. Usually I take a day off before the Eve to start preparing.  Then they all come over and we have a big sit-down dinner.  Always a bit late.  If I say we are eating at 4, we eat at 5. Or 6.  Always works out that way.  Partly the cook- she (that’s me) tends to get distracted with cooking, the comings and goings of the Mass attenders, the wine, and conversation (last year even a skype with our cheeky cousins in Durham, UK).

This year  I had to work on the eve until 3:30.  That meant getting home at 4:30.  Dinner at 6.  Serious prep over the weekend.  All the desserts ready to go by Sunday evening.  Grumpy had to start the roast( which he did well).  Veggies prepped and/or quick and easy. It was a busy weekend- but it was the best Christmas! The desserts you see below are: (individual) strawberry cheesecakes, profiteroles (Bailey made these!), turtle cheesecakes, a Bain Marie filled with ice creams,banana caramel cream pies, chocolate-coconut custard pies ( just like at Ted’s Bakery in Hawaii) salted-caramel filled brownies, a vanilla cake (make by Bailey) and some gingerbread men. In the background is also the gingerbread house village.



Below is a better view of the gingerbread house village. I have 5 nephews, four children of my own and we had Bailey’s family (4 more kids) joining us for dessert. There are a couple more houses on standby outside the pic.


Those houses aren’t just for the kids- they are for all of us.  The adults may not be decorating them (or then again, some do) but they all benefit from the time those kids spend occupied at the table! 
DSCF1816Grumpy ends the evening by putting on a Santa suit and warning the kids that they’d better be asleep in their beds when he gets there “or else!”.  Grumpy’s sister Sue looks suitably worried- not!


At the end of the night I found this lovely creation by Avery.  I can just picture her, sitting there surrounded by her cousins, expressing herself on confectionery canvas.  I just love her.


DSCF1877So that’s it- Christmas is officially wrapped up.  Time for me to move on.  Maybe we’ll take down those nutcrackers.  Or, maybe we’ll do as my friend Rosie suggested: cover them in  red garlands and hearts for now.   Then green shirts and shamrocks.  Then….. ;-) or not!


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8 thoughts on “And Maybe it’s Time to Take Down Those Lights

  1. You are not alone….my wreath is still up outside, and I have a few things in the dining room that need to be put away. Rarely use the room (unless I take over the table for crafts), so it keeps getting put on the backburner! I am sure my sister will laugh at me this upcoming weekend when she visits, and that will be the thorn in my behind to finally get it done.

    • I think we have a lot of company this year. We were out for a drive last night and I was amazed at the number of people who still had their lights up- and lit! Grumpy insisted on turning ours back on. This is getting crazy! ;-)

  2. We’re getting snow soon- maybe you should leave that wreath out just a bit longer! If I must have snow, I do like the illusion of Christmas. It’s certainly time, though. Maybe Grumpy will do it if I just wait long enough…:-)

  3. Looks like a lot of work – but a lot of fun! But, I think it’s time Sheri! Give it up…put them away for next year. I know it’s hard but it’s got to be done! It’s going to be warm this week, finally! I guess I’ll take down my wreath (sigh)…

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