Sexy Beasts Like Real Food!

I try to balance my desire to feed my family healthy food (aka: paranoia) with my desire to give them the easiest thing I can throw together.  Being online makes the paranoia outweigh my inbred laziness.

Today, salad dressing tipped the scale for me.  Not the “OMG- I need a diet” scale.  That already happened last week.  Now I’m “low-carb” all the way.  So instead of pigging out on the grapes/pineapple/muffins and bagels that are calling out to me, I decided to have leftover chicken breasts and a salad with Bleu Cheese dressing.  The dressing that others have raived about tasted awful.  Not at all like my own; the one I haven’t made in years because it’s “fattening” (and yes, I am aware of the irony that it’s just fine and dandy on this low carb fiesta).

Sorry, I digress.  The scale it tipped is the “why make it when you can buy it” scale.  Look at this list of ingredients on the store-bought dressing.  I don’t know about you, but if “you are what you eat”, then I don’t want to eat that.  What would that make me?  Probably the product of a marriage between a Lithuanian porn star and a chemist!  Why would anyone want to eat something so foul tasting, especially when half the ingredients don’t appear to be real food?

So, for anyone who truly likes bleu cheese dressing, stay away from the prepared dressings section of the store and try this easy recipe made from only real foods.

If you have time to make your own (healthier, delicious) mayonaise, you’ll be even happier with the results.  I’m going to have to make do with a decent market brand.  Same for sour cream, bleu cheese…does anyone actually make their own vinegar?

Anyway…In a medium bowl combine about 2 cups of mayonaise, 1 cup sour cream, 3 Tablespoons cider vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon celery seeds, 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper (I like more pepper, but will add it to the salad as the kids aren’t big pepper fans). Now I’ll admit that it doesn’t look very pretty at this point.

But look how nice it gets with just a few seconds and a whisk?

Sooooo much better than that nasty bottled stuff already!  Now for the best part………

Time to crumble in about 6-8 ounces of bleu cheese (depends on how much you LOVE bleu cheese.  I love it about 94,279 ounces worth but I only had eight).

Now give it another quick stir; this time I’d use a big spoon so the chunks don’t get tangled up in your whisk.

That’s all there is to it!  It keeps for as long as the nearest expiration date for the fresh ingredients.  In this case, that would probably be the sour cream.

By the way- this stuff is as thick as molasses.  You could thin it out with milk, but when I do that I try to scoop out enough for that day and add milk.  This way it’s thick for those who prefer it that way.  Also milk usually has a shorter shelf life than the other ingredients.

This made almost 1 quart.  It also made a change in our dinner plans.  Now that we have fresh bleu cheese dressing, the kids want buffalo chicken wings and celery.  I think we can add a couple more raw vegetables and call that dinner!

***PS people: See how it says “bleu cheese” on that snazzy plastic lid? It’s in dry erase marker. Wipes right off.  It’s the easiest way I’ve found to make a temporary label. Washes right off.  I use crayons if I need it to last a bit longer.

4 thoughts on “Sexy Beasts Like Real Food!

  1. Oh dear, that sounds delicious! Where do you get these recipes?? I’m following a low-carb diet, ahem, way of life, too! I’m reading “Wheat Belly” – have you read that? It’s scary! But I think he’s right! So, I’m really really trying to avoid wheat of any kind and so far (about a week in) I’ve lost around three pounds. Water weight some people would say, but my pants are starting to feel a little teeny bit looser (is that a word?). Makes me happy! When are you coming to see me? We can make a low/no carb lunch, haha! And go buy full fat milk at Appleton! j

    • Hi there! This recipe was one I remember making when I was trying to impress my 1st serious boyfriend about 150 years ago! Don’t know where it came from, but I think I evolved it to fit what I had in my bachelorette kitchen at the time! Never wrote it down, but it seems to come out pleasing for me every time. Next 2 weeks are Hell weeks- besides fall clean-up and sealing up the windows we have Halloween, 6 (12 hr) night shifts, 2 day/evening shifts and one of the bobsy twins has wisdom teeth coming out (her birth mom is flying up for that one- but I’d still like to be around). I should be rested and ready on the 16th. How does that sound? Lunch with low-carb sounds great. Whole milk still has a lot of lactose- not sure it’s worth the carbs there for me. I love the way I feel after a week or so without the wheat. I’m also staying away from preservatives after today.
      As to the 3 pounds- anything that makes the pants feel loose is a big step in a good direction for me! :-)

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